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Old Switch Box Hole With Original Wire

This is the attic space that was revealed after I cut the access hole.

The electrical box has been removed and you can see on the wall stud where the original installer notched the wood so that the protruding tab on the side of the electrical box does not push the box away from the stud.

It was necessary to cut an access hole into the attic space to facilitate the installation of a new 14/3 cable from the wall switch location to the center of the room
The switch is removed and the existing wiring conductors have been identified for when they go back together. There are three 2 conductor cables in this switch box originally installed by the builder. One cable is the power feed while another feeds the bathroom. The third cable goes to the electrical receptacle outlet nearby which is controlled by the wall switch. The wiring will change so that the outlet is on all of the time and two switches will be used to control a new ceiling fan and light.