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Reactor Start Split Phase Induction Electric Motor Internal Wiring Diagram

Skeleton Type Shaded Pole Electric Motor

Built for applications where the power requirements are very small. The field circuit with its winding, is built around the conventional squirrel cage rotor and consists of punching s that are stacked alternately to form overlapping joints in the same manner that small transformer cores are assembled. Motors like this will only operate on alternating current, they are simple in construction, low in cost, and extremely rugged and reliable. Their principal limitations are however, low efficiency and a low starting and running torque. A shaded pole motor is not reversible unless shading coils are provided on each side of the pole, and means for opening one and closing the other coil are provided.
The inherently high slip of a shaded pole motor makes it convenient to obtain speed variation on a fan load, for example by reducing the voltage.

Shaded Pole Electric Motor
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