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Reactor Start Split Phase Induction Electric Motor Internal Wiring Diagram

Another Split Phase Capacitor Run Electric Motor

This type of motor utilizes a capacitor transformer unit.and is of the split phase squirrel cage type with the main and auxiliary windings physically displaced in the stator.

It uses a single pole double throw type transfer switch to impress a high voltage across the capacitor during start-up. After the motor has attained a speed of 70 to 80 percent of synchronous, the transfer switch operates to change the voltage taps on the transformer. The voltage supplied to the capacitor by means of the transformer can vary between 600 and 800 volts during start-up. For continuous operation, around 350 volts is furnished.
Good for high starting torque applications such as compressors, loaded conveyors, reciprocating pumps, refrigeration compressors, etc.

Skeleton Type Shaded Pole Electric Motor
Split Phase Capacitor Run Electric Motor Wiring Diagram