Reactor Start Split Phase Induction Electric Motor Internal Wiring Diagram

Split Phase Capacitor Run Electric Motor

This type of motor has a running capacitor permanently connected in series with the auxiliary winding. The starting capacitor is in parallel with the running capacitor only during the starting period. The motor starts with the centrifugal switch closed. After the motor reaches 70 to 80 percent of synchronous speed, the starting switch opens and disconnects the starting capacitor. The running capacitor is usually of the paper-spaced oil filled type normally rated at 330 volt AC for continuous operation. They can range from 3 to 16 micro-farads. The starting capacitor is generally of the electrolytic type and may range from 80 to 300 micro-farads for 110 volt 60 HZ motors.
These motors are good for applications requiring high starting torque such as compressors, loaded conveyors, reciprocating pumps, refrigeration compressors, etc.

Another Split Phase Capacitor Run Electric Motor
Reversible Split Phase Capacitor Run Induction Electric Motor