Reactor Start Split Phase Induction Electric Motor Internal Wiring Diagram

Split Phase Induction Electric Motor

This motor is equipped with a squirrel-cage rotor for constant speed operation and has a starting winding of high resistance, which is physically displaced in the stator from the main winding.

In series with the starting winding is a centrifugal starting switch which opens the starting circuit when the motor has attained approximately 75 to 80 percent of synchronous speed. The function of the starting switch is to prevent the motor from drawing excessive current and also to protect the starting winding from excessive heat. The motor may be started in either direction by reversing either the main or auxiliary (Starting) winding.
These motors are suitable for oil burners, blowers, business machines, buffing machines, grinders, etc.

Split Phase Single Value Capacitor Electric Motor (Dual Voltage Type)
Split Phase Permanently Connected Capacitor Electric Motor Wiring Diagram