Installed Interlock Kit

A Completed Main Breaker Interlock Kit Installation on an Existing GE Circuit Breaker Panel

This is the completed interlock kit installation. The main breaker handle gets pushed down to the “Off” position. Then the generator circuit breaker can be pushed “On”.
When the utility company restores power, the generator breaker is pushed “Off” and the main breaker handle is free to be pushed up to the “On” position.

Reliance PB30, 30 amp, 120/240 volt, L14-30 generator inlet box
This is the area that the homeowner chose to have the generator inlet boxinstalled. It is next to the garage door. Article 445 in the National Electrical Code covers generators. You should also read article 702 entitled "Optional Standby Systems". Article 250 is also applicable as are others that may be contingent on the type of wiring methods used.