Panel Info

A Completed Generator Interlock Kit Installation on an Existing GE Circuit Breaker Panel

The red arrow indicates on the label for this GE circuit breaker panel that it is approved for a maximum capacity of 30 circuits. It reads “30 Poles Maximum”.
Therefore in order to comply with the National Electrical Code, some of the existing circuits need to be removed from this panel.

By removing circuits, room is made for the three spaces needed for the interlock kit and also brings the circuit breaker panel back into code compliance in order to pass inspection.

Here is the new sub-panel installed using 3/4" EMT conduit. A 3/4" EMT bender was used to bend the conduit to fit into place. Pre-bent conduit elbows and offset fittings are available for some sizes of electrical conduit. Note the 4 11/16" square junction boxes mounted on the ceiling. By mounting the junction boxes there, it made it very easy to remove cables out of the existing GE main circuit breaker panel and bring those circuits into the new GE sub-panel.
This is the existing wall space that was available to install a GE sub-panel.