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The arrow indicates the change from two single pole circuit breakers to one, two pole, 30 amp circuit breaker to feed the new generator sub-panel.

The upper arrow points to the cable feed that is coming from the generator inlet mounted on the outside of the house.

The other arrow points to the interlock device attached to the generator circuit breaker. The interlock prevents the two main circuit breakers from being on at the same time.

This Square D generator sub-panel is different in several ways from a regular sub-panel. It comes with two main breakers, one for street power and one for generator power. They are interlocked together to prevent both from being on at the same time. In addition each main breaker has a clamp on it holding it to the busbar as is required by article 408.36(D) in the National Electrical Code
The L14-30 flanged inletmounted on the exterior of the house. A generator cord is used to connect the generator flanged inlet to a portable generator in order to supply power to the generator sub-panel.