Home Grounding and Bonding For TV and Telephone MediumShotInteriorElectricalPanel-CopyRight-460x613-MG_5612


A close shot of the grounding electrode conductor as it enters the main electrical panel.

Inside of the main electrical panel. The arrow points to the grounding electrode conductor.

This is the new water main just after it enters the basement. This is also the new and current grounding electrode connection to the main water service.
In addition to the other bonding and grounding, I also bonded all of the interior metal piping which includes the cold water pipe to the hot water pipe and the gas pipe as required in article 250.104 (A) and (B) of the National Electrical Code . If this house contained a hot water baseboard heating system with metal pipes, those would have to be bonded to the cold water pipe as well. It is very convenient to bond all three pipes at the water heater and they are accessible for the inspector to see.