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This metal electrical box was mounted using one Madison Bar on the right side and a sheet metal screw on the left side. A wall stud is against the left side of the box making it ideal to attach the box. The metal box must be grounded by attaching the bare copper wire using a 10/32 screw.

I love the Milwaukee 2426-20 M12 Cordless Multi-Tool because of its small size and its light weight. It is the perfect power tool for tight spots like this where precision is required.

The wall bracket that supports the rear of the microwave oven is mounted using a combination of large sheet metal screws and toggle bolts. This bracket carries most of the weight of the microwave oven.
Here is the wire that was originally feeding the hood fan and light over the stove. It is important to not cut this wire when removing the old hood. You will need a lot of slack to bring the wire up into the overhead cabinet to feed the new microwave oven.