Home Installation of a Microwave Oven Over a Stove OvenFinished-480x360-037Copyrighted


This metal electrical box was mounted using one Madison Bar on the right side and a sheet metal screw on the left side. A wall stud is against the left side of the box making it ideal to attach the box. The metal box must be grounded by attaching the bare copper wire using a 10/32 screw.

The completed ductless installation. If air ducts were connected, the work would be a little more difficult and require the skills and tools of another trade.

Note the template tapedto the back wall. There is also another template for the top mounting holes and the cord hole. The mounting holes must be properly located.
That spot of light on the wall is coming through the hole that was drilled in the cabinet above using a hole saw so that the microwave oven electrical cord can pass through to the new electrical outlet above. Holes were also drilled for two support screws that keep the microwave oven level.