Home Installation of an Additional Wall Dimmer and New Ceiling Light Fixture CloseshotLooseTwoGangBox-480x640-IMG_8736Copyrighted


This is the view inside of the ceiling with the new wire pulled in through the hole in the laminated beam.

Close shot of the inside of the two gang plastic old work electrical box for the two dimmers

The patched ceiling hole. When "The Grabowski Method" is used to cut holes, they can be patched easily using only joint compound and No Tape.
A 4-Inch diameter by 2-1/8-Inch depth octagonal box was used here to give better leverage support as the box was mounted on the side using #10 x 1-1/2" sheet metal screws and one fender washer where the knock out was. The fender washer allows for a little adjustment to get the box positioned correctly. The other screws lock it in place. Note the copper ground wire attached with a 10/32 screw.