Home Installation of an Additional Wall Dimmer and New Ceiling Light Fixture CSCeilingChainWiresTuckedInBox-480x640-IMG_8767Copyrighted


This is the view inside of the ceiling with the new wire pulled in through the hole in the laminated beam.

The wires are tucked up inside of the deep octagon electrical box. This is another good reason to use a deep box, there’s more room for the excess wires.

The hole for the octagonal electrical box that will support the light fixture. The existing cables in the ceiling are set back far enough to provide clearance for the new box. You can see the side of the laminated beam on the bottom edge of the hole.
I usually leave extra slack on the wires for chandeliers in case the homeowner decides to lower it or use it on a high ceiling in the future. Having the deep octagon electrical box in the ceiling lets me tuck some extra chandelier wire slack up there. White electrical tape was put on the chandelier neutral conductor to make it easily identifiable.