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Rust inside of old four gang electric meter base

4 Socket Electric Meter Base Replacement

Dear Mr. Electrician: How does a four socket electric meter base stack get replaced?  I live in a condominium community.  While walking my dog I took notice of my 4 socket electric meter base on the side of the building.  It has a lot of rust and looks very old.  Is this something that I should contact my property association about? Answer: Yes absolutely contact your association or property manager to have this looked at.  The problems that you see on the outside may indicate more severe issues inside of the electric meter base.  Below are pictures of a 4 socket electric meter base that I was called to look at and then replace.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Amazon.com In the photo above, the bottom of the main cover has holes from rust. Labor to Replace a 4 Socket Electric Meter I installed a Siemens 5 gang meter socket to replace the rusted four gang, single phase, electric meter socket base on a residential condominium building.  The electrical service was 120/240 volts, with a four hundred amp underground feeder.  The new four gang meter sockets are a vertical stack and would not line up with the existing feed cables so I used a five gang meter base instead. For the entire job I figured about 40 man hours of labor which included driving two new ground rods with a new grounding electrode conductor and intersystem bonding termination, permit application, electrical inspection, call for a property markdown, arrangements with the power company to have meter locks removed ahead of time and to disconnect power when needed, pre-cutting and painting of the new meter base back board, advance notification to all of the dwelling unit occupants about the power outage due to work being done, labeling of existing tenant load wires, removal and disposal of the old multi-gang meter socket, and installation of the new multi-gang meter socket.   Amazon Sells Multi-Socket Electric Meter Bases When I submit my permit application I include a short one page typed "Scope of Work" statement briefly explaining what work will be done.  This gives the electrical inspector a better idea before hand of what is going on.  If something is not right it is better to find out before work commences. The actual time spent just removing the old meter base and installing the new Siemens 5 gang meter socket base was approximately 3 hours using three experienced electricians. The above circuits were live and in use at the time of this photograph. The tenant load wires which provided power to the condos were in good working condition. The original installer used a 2" squeeze connector installed backwards without a clamp to protect the wires from the sharp metal edge of the knockout.  In the new installation I used 1 1/4" chase nipples with locknuts and plastic bushings for each tenant load cable.  The 1 1/4" holes were made using a knockout punch as the factory installed concentric knockouts did not align with the existing wires. The culprit that causes the...