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The finished ceiling mounted Wiremold surface box for the garage door opener

Wiremold for Garage Ceiling Electrical Outlet

Dear Mr. Electrician:  How do I install Wiremold surface metal raceway for an electrical receptacle outlet on the ceiling of my garage?  I do not have access to the ceiling from above as there is a bedroom located over the garage.  Any suggestions on how I may proceed with this? Answer:  In a few garages where there was already an electrical receptacle installed on the wall, I was able to install Wiremold #500 surface metal raceway to bring power to a ceiling outlet.  Below are some photos of a Wiremold metal surface raceway installation that was used to replace an old extension cord that was powering the garage door opener.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Amazon.com or Ebay.com. Installing Wiremold for a Garage Door Opener In the photo above you can see the existing two gang metal outlet box in the wall behind the extension adapter.  Note the older type cable and wire coming through the clamp on the upper left side. Connecting to an existing electrical receptacle outlet is easy with the correct Wiremold parts.  Although home centers and hardware stores carry some Wiremold products on their shelves, electrical supply companies will have the largest selection of Wiremold surface raceway fittings.  They usually have a catalog that you can identify parts from.  Because of the wide selection of Wiremold products, it is best to order Wiremold fittings using the catalog part numbers. Although the Wiremold 500 surface metal raceway is an approved grounding conductor, a green grounding conductor wire was pushed in with the other conductors on this job. Steel Wiremold raceway is very durable and can be painted.  The Wiremold conduit is an approved grounding conductor, however I always install a separate green wire for use as a grounding conductor. In the photo above you can just about see the edge of the Wiremold V5703 Support Clip that keeps the raceway attached to the wall and ceiling.  The clip is mounted to the wall or ceiling first and the Wiremold is forced into the clip.  I use a white rubber mallet to bang the raceway into the clips. A ceiling mounted electrical receptacle in the garage is required to be GFCI protected.  However, for a ceiling electrical receptacle it is best to locate the GFCI protection somewhere readily accessible so that it can be tested monthly and easily reset. Some areas of the country require that garage ceiling electrical receptacle outlets be GFCI protected.  The GFCI protector must be accessible while you are standing on the floor so that it can be tested monthly. There are many other types of electrical conduit.