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Completed installation of new 5 gang electric meter socket base

Electrical Wiring Videos

Mr. Electrician's Electrical Wiring Videos A quickie video of a long process replacing a four gang electric meter base.  I estimated these types of multi-meter electrical service repairs to take at least 40 man hours in addition to the materials. For more pictures and installation details about the 4 gang meter base replacement above, go to my post here:  https://mrelectrician.tv/4-gang-meter-base-replacement/ The video below depicts the installation of an interlock kit on a main breaker in an existing Cutler-Hammer circuit breaker panel.  It was a fairly straight forward job as I ran the generator wire only a short distance along the same inside wall as the electrical panel. More photos and details about the Cutler Hammer load center interlock kit installation can be found here:  https://mrelectrician.tv/ch-generator-interlock-kit/ I added a switch to an existing bathroom switch to separate the bath fan from the light switch.  I have a trick that makes patching cut access holes easier.