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Kitchen Hood Replacement Under A Cabinet Over A Stove

Dear Mr. Electrician:  Is it easy to perform a kitchen hood replacement? Answer:  The work required to perform a kitchen hood replacement is determined by existing conditions and the new kitchen hood to be installed.  NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable products on Amazon or EBay. KITCHEN HOOD REPLACEMENT The kitchen hoods that do not vent outside tend to be easier to install except for the chimney style. Kitchen hoods that are vented outside require a little more work.  If there is an existing exhaust duct for venting the hood outside, then duct fittings may need to be purchased or even fabricated at a sheet metal shop to fit the new hood in. I saw the above kitchen hood exhaust vent on an old house that I was working on.  You can see that it comes straight out of the back of the hood.  The window glass was replaced with plastic. The chimney style kitchen hood is a much longer and sometimes complicated installation process.  There are more pieces to assemble and measurements are more precise. One particular chimney hood that I installed took two men eight hours to complete.  That was a hanging from the ceiling type with a glass hood with an attic above to work in and the roof vent already in place. The wiring of chimney style hoods can be a little tricky.  The electrical connections or electrical outlet are hidden behind the chimney.  Read the installation instructions carefully to make sure you get every detail.  I highly recommend downloading the installation instructions from the manufacturer's website before purchasing a chimney style hood, or any hood for that matter. Many of your existing standard kitchen hoods are hardwired in the back.  However it is  permissible to install an electrical outlet in the kitchen cabinet above and use a cord and plug to supply power to the new kitchen hood.  You can see some examples of outlets that I installed in kitchen cabinets on my post about over-the-range microwave ovens. I have posted photos below of the simple replacement of a kitchen hood. The basic kitchen hood has a wiring compartment where the electrical connections are made.  Usually one screw is all that is holding the cover to the wiring compartment in place. With the wiring compartment cover removed you can see how power is brought into the back of the hood.  A metal Romex connector prevents the cable from abrasion and movement.  With the power turned off at the circuit breaker disconnect the wire connections and tape the bare ends of the wires with electrical tape temporarily while you work with them.  Do not cut the wires. Remove the locknut on the cable connector by turning it counter-clockwise.  You may need to hammer it loose with a screwdriver.  If the Romex connector is a plastic type, use diagonal pliers to cut it away in pieces.  Do not cut the wires. The original hood installer had to relocate the Romex cable to the other side where the power feed was located on the old hood.  This is not...