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Internal wiring diagrams of fractional horsepower electric motors

Universal Electric Motor Internal Wiring Diagram

Single Phase Electric Motor Wiring Diagrams

Dear Mr. Electrician:  Where can I find single phase electric motor wiring diagrams? Answer:  I have compiled a group of single phase internal electric motor wiring diagrams and terminal connections below.  At the bottom of this post is also a video about DC shunt motors.  NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable products on Amazon, EBay, and Northern Tool and Equipment. TERMINAL CONNECTIONS FOR CAPACITOR START SINGLE PHASE MOTORS The auxiliary winding switch connections must be made so that both of the auxiliary windings become de-energized when the switch opens. ELECTRIC MOTOR DIAGRAMS Internal Wiring Diagrams of Small and Fractional Horsepower Electric Motors Split Phase Induction Split Phase Permanently Connected Capacitor Split Phase Capacitor Start Split Phase Capacitor Run Another Split Phase Capacitor Run Split Phase Capacitor Run Induction (Reversible) Reactor Start Split Phase Single Value Capacitor (Dual Voltage Type) Repulsion Repulsion Start Induction (Reversible) Shaded Pole Skeleton Type Shaded Pole Universal The Split Phase Induction Electric Motor is equipped with a squirrel-cage rotor for constant speed operation and has a starting winding of high resistance, which is physically displaced in the stator from the main winding. In series with the starting winding is a centrifugal starting switch which opens the starting circuit when the motor has attained approximately 75 to 80 percent of synchronous speed.  The function of the starting switch is to prevent the motor from drawing excessive current and also to protect the starting winding from excessive heat.  The motor may be started in either direction by reversing either the main or auxiliary (Starting) winding. These motors are suitable for oil burners, blowers, business machines, buffing machines, grinders, etc. A Split Phase Permanently Connected Capacitor Electric Motor also has a squirrel-cage rotor with a main and starting winding.  A capacitor is permanently connected in series with the auxiliary winding.  Motors of this type start and run with a fixed value of capacitance in series with the starting winding. The motor obtains its starting torque from a rotating magnetic field produced by the two stator windings physically displaced.  The main winding is connected directly across the line, while the auxiliary or starting winding is connected to the line through the capacitor, giving an electrical phase displacement. This motor is good for direct connected drives requiring low starting torque such as fans, blowers, some pumps, etc. A Split Phase Capacitor Start Electric Motor may be defined as a form of split-phase motor having a capacitor connected in series with the auxiliary winding.  The auxiliary circuit is opened by the centrifugal switch when the motor reaches 70 to 80 percent of synchronous speed. Also known as a capacitor-start, induction-run motor.  The rotor is a squirrel cage.  The main winding is connected directly across the line, while the auxiliary or starting winding is connected through a capacitor which may be connected into the circuit through a transformer with suitably designed winding's and capacitor of such values that the two windings will be approximately 90 degrees apart. Motors of this type are suited for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, belt driven fans, etc. Split Phase Capacitor Run Electric Motor.  A Split Phase Capacitor Run type of electric motor has a...