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Bad Grounding for Telephone, TV, and Power. The Telephone and Cable TV Demarcations were Grounded to an Old Pipe that was Stuck in the ground about 12".

Grounding and Bonding For TV and Telephone for 2019

Dear Mr. Electrician: My neighbor was blown out of her chair when lightning hit her TV.  How can I prevent that from happening to me? Answer: Basically everything needs to be properly grounded and bonded in such a manner as to provide a good direct path for lightning to flow to the earth. The photos below depict an actual job of mine correcting the grounding for a 1940's single family detached house. Article 250 in the National Electrical Code concerns grounding and bonding. Some relevant sections are: 250.8, 250.52, 250.90, 250.94, 250.104. Also read article 800.100 on grounding communication circuits and 820.100 which concerns the grounding of cable TV systems.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Amazon. Grounding and Bonding for Power, Cable TV, and Telephone Water Heater Bonding For more information on steps that can be taken to improve lightning protection, please read NFPA 780. You might be interested in reading some of my other posts on grounding and bonding.