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Type MC 14-2 electrical cable and two plastic old work outlet boxes

Homeowner Purchases Materials For the Contractor

Dear Mr. Electrician: What happens when the homeowner purchases materials for the contractor?   I talked to several licensed electrical contractors about working on my house.  I told each one that I would pay for the materials and that they should just figure on furnishing labor and tools.  None of the electrical contractors were receptive to my plan.  Why do you think that was? Answer: Based on my personal experiences I do not always think is is a good idea when homeowners purchases materials for the contractor.  NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable products on Amazon or EBay. From time to time I get that request from customers.  I am always willing to work with someone to help them save a few bucks, but I think in this instance you are better off letting the contractor provide the materials. HOMEOWNER PURCHASES MATERIALS FOR THE CONTRACTOR On a bid job such as yours the profit on materials for a contractor is low.  If the contractor wants that job he/she will try and get the lowest prices possible on materials from his or her suppliers.  Marking up the materials will raise the bid price. As part of the bid the contractor will need to cover the cost for picking up the materials and delivering them to the job site.  This is something that you can offer to do for the contractor which will save him or her time.  The order can be called in to the supply company by the contractor and you can go and pick the materials up.  However in some instances a truck will be required for larger items such as conduit. A problem with this arrangement is that sometimes the supply company makes a mistake and items are omitted from the original order.  Also some items could be out of stock.  You will not know what is missing or what could be substituted until your electrical contractor shows up to do the work. Amazon Sells Electrical Supplies Offering to buy the materials and bring them to the job doesn't always work well for the homeowner or for the contractor.  I can speak from my own experiences on this matter. Each time that I agreed to this arrangement it actually took longer to complete the job and cost the homeowner more money. HOMEOWNER BUYS THE MATERIALS In a typical homeowner buys material situation I would have to take the time to write a neatly written or a typed detailed list giving quantities, names, part numbers and descriptions of the items that I need.  I would also give the homeowner names, addresses and phone numbers of a few electrical supply companies in the area.  Normally for myself I would just jot some abbreviated things down on a scratch piece of paper and call in my list to the supply company. After providing the list of electrical materials to the homeowner I would then have to wait for him to go pick up everything in his spare time.  When he had gathered all of the materials I would get a...