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Finished kitchen glass cabinet lighting and under cabinet lights

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Installed

Dear Mr. Electrician:  How is kitchen cabinet lighting installed? Answer:  There are several choices of kitchen cabinet lighting types and the wiring method will depend on the lights being used.  Regardless of the type of lighting, the wiring must be approved for permanent installation in residential walls.  For low voltage lights I still use Romex cable as it is approved and no inspector will question its use.  NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable products on Ebay and Amazon. The kitchen remodel job depicted in the photos below called for a combination of low voltage and line voltage kitchen cabinet lights. You should shop around looking at the various types and styles of kitchen cabinet lighting.  Some are low voltage which require the use of a transformer to lower the voltage from the standard household 120 volts down to 12 or 24 volts. There is nothing wrong with the use of low voltage lights.  However it is necessary to locate the transformer in an accessible location for future maintenance and repair.  A transformer cannot be buried inside of a wall. KITCHEN CABINET LIGHT FIXTURE WIRING As part of your kitchen renovation you should apply for an electrical permit with your local building department.  I usually make a simple drawing of existing and new outlets, lights, and switches to submit with my permit application.  I also include a one page "Scope of Work" simply detailing the work to be done and the wiring methods. In addition I submit a copy of the installation instructions for appliances and a copy of the kitchen cabinet detail drawings.  It is best to find out ahead of time if there is a problem with your installation rather than fail inspection after you have done the work.  Some of the requirements for light fixture (Luminaire) installation is found in article 410 in the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70). Below are photos from a kitchen remodel that I did for a client several years ago.  Only part of the kitchen is depicted below.  The rest of the kitchen is shown in another post. The photo above is the undercabinet lights from the top photo taken at a different angle.  You can see that a Romex cable comes out of the wall for each of these 120 volt light fixtures.  I had to install a recessed junction box to accommodate all of the undercabinet light fixture wires.  See the two gang blue junction box further down below. My first step was to open up the walls so that I could drill holes in the wall studs, mount some electrical boxes, and then pull wires.  I drew some straight lines and cut the drywall at back splash height using my multi-function oscillating tool. There was only two receptacles on this wall originally, one for the counter top and one for the refrigerator.  The new counter top is bigger than the old one so an additional electrical outlet was needed as per article 210.52(C) in the National Electrical Code. Click Here to See Under Cabinet Light Fixtures Sold on Amazon The...