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The existing 2' x 4' fluorescent kitchen light fixture

Recessed Lighting in a Condominium Kitchen in 2019

Installing Recessed Lighting in a Condominium Dear Mr. Electrician: I would like to replace the existing fluorescent light fixture in my condominium kitchen.  How difficult is it to install recessed lighting in a condominium and will it make a difference in appearance? Answer: Yes the appearance of light will be much different than what you have now.  Recessed lights point the light down, so the ceiling tends to be a little dark.  However having multiple lights instead of just one will illuminate the lower areas that were dark before.  You should do some homework before choosing what type of recessed light to install.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Amazon. Generally speaking a recessed light has three components: a housing, a trim, and a light bulb.  There are several diameters of housings and in addition many types and colors of trims.  Each will have a different kind of light output.  Smaller recessed lights tend to have less beam spread (Meaning the light is narrow) and are limited in light bulb choices.  Consequently if you want a lot of illumination you will need more recessed lights.  My most common recessed light installation is the Halo H7 6" diameter with a BR40 light bulb.  The BR40 bulb has a wide beam spread and the 6" diameter housing has the most choices of light bulbs and trims that can be used with it.  Most of the time the customer just chose the white coilex trim as it blended with the white ceiling.  Other manufacturers also have 6" housings and a large assortment of trims as well. The most challenging aspect of installing retrofitted recessed lights is the measuring and laying out of the location for each light.  With a finished ceiling there is no simple way of knowing what obstacles might be in the way of your light installation.  Therefore you must probe the ceiling ahead of time to see if there are any utilities where a light was planned.  Something to be mindful of is the fire rating of the ceiling if there is another condominium above yours.  Remodeling type recessed lights are usually not fire rated.  An alternative would be to install surface mounted LED disks on the ceiling which have a similar appearance to recessed, but mount directly onto a standard round or octagonal electrical box.  There are also available spring loaded disk lights that attach directly to the drywall ceiling.  They have their own attached junction box.  Below are some photos of a recessed lighting installation in a condominium kitchen. Steps to Install Recessed Lighting My first action for installing recessed lights is to make a tiny pencil mark on the ceiling where the customer said that they would like the recessed lights to be installed by taking some measurements from each wall.  I mark all of the lights.  I then look for signs of ceiling joists by searching for nail pops or spackled holes.  A bright flashlight held close to the ceiling is helpful for this.  Next I make a...