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The spines of a few National Electrical Code books

Free National Electrical Code

Dear Mr. Electrician:  Where can I find a free National Electrical Code version online? Answer:  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has a free online National Electrical Code viewing-only version.  The link is further down below. NOTE: Some text links below go to relevant links on Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Using my links helps to keep this website FREE. Electrical codes have existed for over one hundred years and continue to evolve and adjust according to human development.  The National Electrical Code is updated every three years and establishes additional safe installation practices as more hazards become apparent. Table of Contents: Electrical and Building Codes General Electrical Code Requirements Free Electrical Code Articles Free National Electrical Code Link ELECTRICAL AND BUILDING CODES Most electrical installations have requirements under more than one free National Electrical Code article.  In addition, other building codes may apply to your installation, such as the Fire Code, Sound Code, Mechanical Code, Seismic Code, and local codes and requirements. When you submit plans and your scope of work to the building department with your permit application, you can ask them what building codes apply to your planned work.  Do not be surprised if you don't get an answer or get a vague response.  They are not responsible for teaching you how to do the work correctly. The responsibility for the installation being done to code is with the contractors working on the job or the homeowner doing their work themself. Many building code books are readily available at Amazon and some bookstores.  The articles suggested below are based on the 2023 National Electrical Code. Rather than have you spend hours going through the index and table of contents in the free National Electrical Code online version, I have listed some common electrical installations and the specific code references for each. This is not a substitute for getting your very own code book and reading the applicable chapters for your projects.  The free National Electrical Code will not teach you how to install electrical wiring because it is not a substitute for many years of wiring experience. Many professional electricians also utilize other books such as Ugly's for their electrical code references, mathematical formulas, conduit bending guides, conduit fill, conversion tables, and transformer and control circuit wiring diagrams. Top of Page FREE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS In addition to the specific code chapters listed further down, almost all electrical installations will be affected by the free National Electrical Code sections underneath this sentence: Article 210 - Branch Circuits Not Over 1000 Volts ac, 1500 volts dc, Nominal Article 250 - Grounding and Bonding Article 300 - General Requirements for Wiring Methods and Materials Article 310 - Conductors for General Wiring Article 314 - Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes; Conduit Bodies; Fittings; and Handhole Enclosures Top of Page FREE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE ARTICLES The free National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) articles listed below may not be the only electrical and building code articles relevant to your project.  It is good to confer with your local building department and get...