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Welcome To the Home Page of Mr. Electrician’s Innovative Online Platform to Empower Others with Expert Electrical Tips and Solutions.  Start by visiting the CATEGORIES Page.

In addition to a home page site map with all TOPICS of discussion listed alphabetically, I created a directory of categories of electrical subjects.  Most topics are cross-referenced under more than one category because the articles usually have pictures and details of multiple tasks to finish one project.

Some of the most popular article topics are: Electrical safety and potential hazards, outlets not working, adding additional electrical receptacle outlets, surge protection, adding or replacing light fixtures, electrical permits and inspections, grounding and bonding, three-way switch wiring diagrams, telephone wiring color code, ceiling fan installation, fixing outdoor lighting fixture issues, four-way switch wiring diagrams, electric motor diagrams, electrical conduit dimensions, hole saw sizes for conduit, and more.

There is also an article with photos of a re-grouting of a shower floor that I did myself using epoxy grout.

Additionally, there are articles about tools and tool reviews.

Most of the photos on this website were taken by me on actual electrical repair and installation jobs I worked on.  There are a few photos that were sent to me by fans.

I try to reference the National Electrical Code to help you look up the relevant code sections for your project.  If you install new electrical wiring, your work must be code compliant and inspected.  You can probably use a pocketbook code book for small jobs.

I was inspired to create this home page and website because handymen, contractors, painters, landlords, tenants, homeowners, and others do a terrible and unsafe job working with wiring.  Much of my repair work as a licensed electrical contractor was fixing something a non-professional worked on.

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