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Adding a Bathroom Fan Switch

Aluminum Wiring

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI)

Attic Fan Replacement – Motors and Thermostats


Basement Wiring

Bathroom Fan Repair

Bathroom Fan Switch – Adding one to the existing light switch

Budget Built Workshop

Buying Electrical Materials


Cabinet Lighting Installed, Kitchen

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Cat 5 and Cat 6 Wiring Diagram

Ceiling Electrical Box is Loose

Ceiling Fan Box Installation (Old work)

Ceiling Fan Installation with Two Wall Switches

Ceiling Light Fixture with Dimmer Switch – With Photos

Ceiling Lights – Recessed in Condo Kitchen – With Photos

Changing One Switch to Two Switches

Change Recessed Lights

Cheap Foreign Labor

Coat Hanger Tool

Common Mistakes

Concentric Knockouts – With Photos

Conduit Dimensions:      1/2″       3/4″       1″

1 1/4″        1.5″       2″       2.5″        3″

3.5″       4″       5″       6″

Conduit Hole Saw Sizes


Convert Switched Outlet to Hot

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Data Wiring Diagram

Dimmer Switch with New Ceiling Light Fixture Installed – With Photos


Dishwasher Problem

Drill and Tap Sizes Chart


Effects of Electricity on the Human Body

Electric Motor Wiring Diagrams

Electrical Conduit and Pipe Dimensions

Electrical Conduit Hole Saw Sizes

Electrical Formulas and Symbols

Electrical Materials, Purchasing

Electrical Outlets – Non grounding two prong

Extending Electrical Outlets From the Wall


Fan Repair, Bathroom

Fishing Wires using a Coat Hanger

Foreign Workers

Four Gang Electric Meter Base Replacement

Four-Way Switch Wiring Diagrams (Also called intermediate switches)

Fractional Horsepower Electric Motor Diagrams


Garage opener outlet

Generator interlock kit For CH main circuit breaker panel – With Photos

Generator interlock kit For GE main circuit breaker panel – With Photos

Generator Panel with Generator Flanged Inlet – With Photos

Generator Sub-Panel, How To Wire – With Photos

GFCI or Ground Fault Interrupting Receptacles


Grounding Telephone and Cable TV


Hole Saw Sizes For Electrical Conduit

Holiday Safety Tips

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How To Wire A Generator Sub-Panel


Installing a Receptacle Box in the Wall

Interlock kit for a generator on a CH main circuit breaker panel – With Photos

Interlock kit for a generator on a GE main circuit breaker panel – With Photos

Intermediate Switch Wiring Diagrams (Also called 4-Way Switches)

Intersystem Bonding Termination Photos



Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Installed

Kitchen Hood Replacement

Knockout Punch Sizes For Electrical Conduit

Knockout Removal – With Photos


Light Switch Wiring Diagrams

Loose Ceiling Box

Loose Electrical Receptacle


Madison Bars, used for installing an outlet box

Microwave Oven over-the-range

Motors, Fractional Horsepower Electric Motor Diagrams

Multi-Gang Electric Meter Base


Naughty Code and Safety Violations

New Dimmer Switch and Ceiling Light Fixture Installed

Non Grounded Two Prong Electrical Outlet Replacement


Ohms Law

One Switch Changed to Two Switches

Outlet Extension From Wall

Outlet Box Installation

Outlets – Non grounded, two prong replacement

Outlets, Switched Wiring Diagrams


Pancake box, old replacement

Patching Recessed Light Hole

Phone Wiring Diagram and Color Code

Photos, Telephone and TV Grounding

Pipe Dimensions

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Range – Over-the-Range Microwave Oven – With Photos

Installing a Receptacle Box in the Wall

Installation of a Metal Receptacle Box using Madison Bars – With Photos

Recessed Ceiling Lights in a Condo Kitchen – With Photos

Remove Recessed Lights

Replace Loose Ceiling Box

Replace Electrical Receptacle

Replace Old Style Ceiling Pancake Junction Box

Replacement of a Four Gang Electric Meter Socket Base


Safety Violations

Safety Tips For The Holidays

Be Safe When Working Around Your Home

Single Phase Electric Motor Wiring Diagrams

Split Outlets Wiring Diagrams

Sub-Panel For Generator, How To Wire

Surge Protectors

Switch, Change from One to Two

Switch For Light Wiring Diagrams

Switched Outlet Changed to Hot

Switched Outlet Wiring Diagrams


Tap and Drill Bit Sizes Chart

Telephone Color Code Wiring Diagram

Two Prong Non Grounded Electrical Outlet Replacement

Three-Way Switch Wiring

Two-Way Switch Wiring

Telephone Grounding Photos

TV Grounding Photos


Under Cabinet Lighting Installed In a Kitchen




Wiring Diagrams for Switched Outlets

Wiremold Used to Power a Garage Door Opener – With Photos

Workshop Built on a Budget