Electrical Wiring Videos


Dear Mr. Electrician:  Do you have any electrical wiring videos?

Answer: Yes, I have made a few electrical wiring videos which you can see below or on my YouTube channel.

I replaced a broken wall switch that would not stay in the off position.  When the switch was pushed to off it would immediately bounce back to the on position.  That was an unusual occurrence.  With the necessary tools and and a new switch in front of me, it took less than ten minutes to replace.  I shot the video below of the switch changing process in time lapse mode to speed it up, but I think it came out too fast.

One of my electrical wiring videos is of a long process replacing a four gang electric meter base.  I estimated that these types of multi-gang meter socket electrical service repairs to take at least 40 man hours in addition to the materials.

For more pictures and installation details about the Siemens 4 gang electric meter base replacement above, go to my post here:  https://mrelectrician.tv/4-gang-meter-base-replacement/

The electrical wiring video below depicts the installation of an interlock kit on a main breaker in an existing Cutler-Hammer circuit breaker panel.  It was a fairly straight forward job because I was able to install the generator feed wire only a short distance along the same inside wall as the Cutler Hammer main electrical panel.

More photos and details about the Cutler Hammer load center interlock kit installation can be found here:  https://mrelectrician.tv/ch-generator-interlock-kit/

I added a switch to an existing bathroom switch to separate the bath fan from the light switch.  I have a trick that makes patching the cut-out access holes easier.

You can see more photos and read the details of this installation on my blog post here:  https://mrelectrician.tv/adding-bathroom-fan-switch/

Watching videos to learn how to do some electrical projects can be very helpful.  However I have noticed that many videos detailing electrical projects are not compliant with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70).

It is important to consider the source of the information that you are watching and reading also.  So many electrical wiring videos are uploaded by DIYer’s who did something for the first time in their lives and are proud to share their work even if it provides bad information.

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