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Thank you for taking the time to learn how to repair your bathroom fan.

You should receive a confirmation email soon.  Click on the link in the confirmation email to have your FREE copy of “Almost Everything You Need to Know to Repair a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in Your Home” sent to you.

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I divided the 19-page booklet into chapters:

Safety – When you work around your home, you take some of the same risks as a professional.  You need to protect yourself.
Diagnose – Things to check for optimum bath fan performance.
Identify – The correct model number and specifications for your fan.
Repair – How to repair your bath fan.
Prevention – Get the most extended life from your bathroom fan.
Tools – Tools and materials that may be needed.
Parts – Where to obtain the correct replacement parts.
Glossary – Terms related to bath fan installations.

My Bathroom Fan Repair Page is Here.

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