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Dear Mr. Electrician:  What are the best whole house surge protectors to protect my home and RV from lightning, and how do I install them? NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable surge protection products on Amazon and EMP Shield.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Using my links helps to keep this website FREE. Answer:  The best whole-house surge protectors protect your home, appliances, and RV from lightning strikes, power surges, solar flares, and electromagnetic pulses. Table of Contents: TYPES OF SURGE PROTECTORS INSTALLATION OF SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES TYPES OF SURGE PROTECTION DEVICE INSTALLATIONS EARTH GROUNDING LIGHTNING PROTECTION Methods to install whole-house surge protectors vary slightly between devices and the type of main electrical panel in your home.  However, installing a surge protector on your main electrical panel or RV is relatively easy compared to other electrical wiring tasks. The total cost of installing a home surge protector will vary according to the cost of the surge protection device, the type of installation and location, and the electrical contractor labor rates in your area. In addition, there will be fees for the electrical permit, electrical inspection, and possibly for power company services that may be required with the surge protector installation. It is best to get estimates from several licensed electrical contractors in your area to make an informed decision.  Some may be able to give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. Installation of home surge protectors can be hazardous because of the live electrical components you have to work around.  Use insulated tools and wear appropriate personal protection equipment. Finding the best surge protectors to protect your home or RV from lightning will involve looking at the various specifications of many surge protection devices. In addition to lightning and surge protection, consider a surge protection device (SPD) that offers protection from Solar Flares and Electromagnetic Pulses, which can also harm your home or RV's electrical system. Do some homework before making a surge protector purchase.  Read reviews from other purchasers, compare the product ratings, and check the price ranges for your budget. Surge protectors are covered by article 242, "Overvoltage Protection," in the 2023 National Electrical Code.  Other articles may apply according to the type of device and the installation.  Article 230.67 requires a surge protection device for all electrical services supplying power to dwelling units. Read the manufacturer's installation instructions before purchasing.  Many installation instructions are available online.  The home or RV surge protector manufacturer's installation instructions must be strictly adhered to for the best performance of the SPD and to pass inspection. Top Of Page TYPES OF SURGE PROTECTORS A type 1 home surge protection device is rated for the LINE side of an electrical service before the main disconnect.  It is usually installed without a means of disconnection if it is before the main panel disconnect switch or the main breaker.  The power company would most likely install this type. Some type 1 surge protection devices can be installed on the LOAD side of the main breaker.  Click here to see an example of a type...