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Switched outlet wiring diagram depicts the electrical power entering the switched electrical receptacle outlet box where a two wire cable goes to the switch and another two wire cable feeds power to another outlet that is live at all times.

Switched Outlet Wiring Diagrams

Dear Mr. Electrician:  How do I wire a switched outlet?  I need the wiring diagram for a switched electrical receptacle outlet in my basement.  I want to be able to control half of the outlets with wall switches. Answer:  There are a few methods for wiring switched and half switched outlets.  Generally speaking the outlet would get wired the same as if it were a light fixture.  Another option is to have a split outlet where one half of the outlet is switched and the other half is live at all times.  There are two switched outlet wiring diagrams below that depict split outlet wiring.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Ebay and Amazon. Switched Outlet Diagrams The wiring diagram at the top of this page shows how switched outlets are often wired.  Although Article 404.2(C) in the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) requires that a wall switch controlling a light fixture also has a neutral conductor available, switches controlling outlets are exempt from this requirement.  The neutral conductor is required for lights in case the standard wall switch is changed to a smart home device or other type of control such as a timer. I think it is a good idea to include the neutral for a wall switch controlling an outlet anyway because the regular wall switch could still be changed to a smart home device which usually needs a neutral conductor to function. It has been a common practice among the uninformed to use the grounding conductor as a neutral whenever a neutral is unavailable.  That is an unsafe practice and could be a shock hazard. SmartHome Sells Smart Outlets, Switches, and Plugs When using the white wire as a hot or LINE it is required that the white wire be re-identified with a different color.  It has been my experience when working on older homes that the hot white wire has almost never had its color changed.  Consequently it is not unusual to find that the white wire in a switch box is a LINE and not a neutral conductor. Any receptacle outlet that could be accessible by children, including kitchen counter top outlets, must be tamper resistant outlets.  They prevent things from being inserted into the outlet slots as children are known to do.  Article 406.12 gives the details of this code requirement. In the diagram below the power is shown coming from the circuit breaker panel.  The same wiring diagram can be used if the power is instead coming from another outlet and connected to one of the depicted outlets on the end. In the wiring diagram above a hot and a neutral enter the single pole switch box.  From there a 3 conductor cable is installed to a switched electrical receptacle outlet.  A two conductor cable is installed from the switched outlet to feed an outlet that is live at all times.  A two conductor cable is run from the the switch box to another duplex receptacle outlet that is also live at all times. Half Switched Outlet Wiring Diagrams The...