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One of several ceiling fan wiring diagrams depicting the fan controlled by a single pole switch

Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagrams

Dear Mr. Electrician: Where can I find ceiling fan wiring diagrams that show the blue wire and the black wire connections? Answer: Below are my own ceiling fan wiring diagrams with two-switch diagrams further down.  In addition I have provided links to some ceiling fan manufacturers for replacement parts and internal ceiling fan wiring diagrams.  NOTE: Some links below go to applicable products on Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The ceiling fan wiring diagram at the top of this blog post depicts a common wiring method that was used during the construction of houses long ago. In this ceiling fan wiring diagram the blue wire on the ceiling fan is connected to the LOAD side of the wall switch so that it controls the light on the fan.  The black fan wire is connected to the LINE enabling the pull chain switch on the fan to control the fan motor independently of the wall switch. If you want to change the wiring on a switched outlet to control a ceiling fan, go to my blog post here that has photos showing the changing of a switched outlet to hot in order to wire a ceiling fan with two wall switches. Another blog post here depicts switched outlet wiring being changed for a ceiling fan using metal switch boxes. It is not unusual to see a white wire being used as the hot or LINE wire on a switch.  However it is required that the white wire be re-identified with another color other than white, gray, or green.  I have rolls of different colors of electrical tape that I use for re-identification.  Some electricians will use a permanent ink marker type pen to change the color of a wire. With the new construction of a home the National Electrical Code requires that a neutral conductor be installed at many wall switch electrical box locations.  Having the neutral gives you the option of using an electronic device instead of a standard wall switch to control your ceiling fan and light.  Read article 404.2(C) where the neutral is called the "Grounded Circuit Conductor". The National Electrical Code also requires that any ceiling electrical box that is positioned in an area of the room where it is possible for a ceiling fan to be installed, must be rated for ceiling fan support.  This is an update effective in the 2020 code book article 314.27(C) I have never seen wiring diagrams for a ceiling fan attached or printed on the fan housing or motor.  Most ceiling fan internal wiring diagrams depicting the blue wire and the black wire are included with the installation instructions. My post that depicts electric motor wiring diagrams may be helpful if you are repairing a fan motor.  Ceiling fans commonly have shaded pole motors. I recommend that you read the manufacturer's installation instructions for your ceiling fan before you buy the fan.  They are usually available on the manufacturer's website.  Some ceiling fan manufacturer links are at the bottom of this post. The following ceiling fan...