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Existing shower floor with some of the grout removed

How I Re-Grouted A Shower Floor

HOW I RE-GROUTED A SHOWER FLOOR How I re-grouted a shower floor for the first time is a story that I thought would be beneficial to some of MrElectrician.TV's visitors even though it is not related to electrical wiring.  NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable products on Amazon or Zoro. Re-grouting a shower floor is not something that I would normally do for someone other than myself.  I am only set up with tools and materials to do electrical work.  However I committed to helping another human get their home in order and the task was important.  I knew ahead of time that it wouldn't be a fun project, but the re-grouting of the shower floor was necessary and circumstances called for me to step up and get it done.  Keep reading for how I re-grouted a shower floor. This particular shower floor re-grouting project was originally intended to be done by a contractor, however it was very difficult to find one who was available.  I called a highly recommended handyman who does re-grouting, but he was not willing to re-grout this particular shower. The reason being is that the specifications called for the installation of Laticrete Spectralock Premium Epoxy Grout and he only had one experience with it and, according to him it did not go well.  He was willing to just remove the old grout and gave a ridiculously cheap price for that. It turned out that his cheap price only called for the removal of the loose and broken grout.  It was an extra hourly rate for another hour and a half of labor to do the whole 15 square foot floor (3' x 5').  Even then he was not able to remove the grout from the tiles next to the wall because his tool could not get close enough. GROUT REMOVAL FROM A SHOWER FLOOR The handyman used a small cordless circular saw with a diamond blade to cut out between the tiles.  It did a good job of removing the old grout, but he also nicked a few tiles with it.  The 2" x 2" matted tile had 3/16" wide grout joints, but due to the slope of the shower floor the installed tile joints were slightly closer together. So I had to do some additional grout removal myself before proceeding to the grout installation. My first step as part of the planning process was figuring out which grout removal tools to use.  I already owned an electric Dremel rotary tool as well as a RotoZip rotary tool with a circular saw attachment.  In addition I have an electric oscillating multi-tool. I decided to purchase a hand grout saw and a grout removal tool with a triangular metal piece on the end.  I also bought a grout removal blade for my oscillating multi-tool and a 1/16" (Dremel #569) and an 1/8" (Dremel #570) sized grout removal bits for the Dremel. The grout saw was useful for grinding the old grout out of the joints, but it is a lot of work with your...