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A Completed Main Breaker Interlock Kit Installation on an Existing GE Circuit Breaker Panel

GE Interlock Kit

Dear Mr. Electrician: How can I install a GE Interlock Kit on a GE main breaker panel to connect a portable generator to it safely? Answer: To install a GE interlock kit on a main breaker, You first must determine if you have the needed circuit breaker spaces for a generator circuit breaker and interlock kit in your main electrical panel. NOTE: Some text links below go to applicable products on Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Using my links helps to keep this website FREE. Table of Contents: Choosing An Interlock Kit Electrical Permit Application Space Avaialble for an Interlock Kit Adding a Sub-Panel A Completed Interlock Kit Installation Usually, two, but sometimes three circuit breaker spaces are needed to accommodate the interlock kit.  It varies according to the interlock kit and the circuit breaker panel. CHOOSING AN INTERLOCK KIT FOR THE MAIN BREAKER Some existing circuit breakers near the main will need to be moved to make room for the generator breaker.  Then, you need to order the correct approved generator interlock kit for your circuit breaker panel. On newer electrical panels, many manufacturers make an accessory interlock kit.  If you read the labeling inside of the panel carefully, you should see a part number for the interlock kit for your panel.  You may need a magnifying glass to read the label. If your main circuit breaker panel is older, you might be able to obtain a third-party manufacturer interlock kit.  The interlock kit shown in this post was made and sold by InterlockKit.com.  The photos below depict the interlock kit installation onto a GE main circuit breaker panel installed in the 1980s. Top Of Page ELECTRICAL PERMIT Before installing an interlock kit on an existing main electrical panel, you should apply for an electrical permit at your local building department.  Include a copy of the interlock kit installation instructions with your permit application.  I always include a brief one-page description of the work to be done with my permit applications if I cannot fit all of the information on the permit application form. Wording such as "Electrical work consists of installing a third party manufactured interlock kit on an existing 150 amp, 30 circuit GE main electrical panel.  A new 50 amp sub-panel is to be installed for relocated circuits.  Generator inlet to be installed outside next to garage door" is something that I probably used with the permit application for the installation depicted in this post. I had a permit application for an interlock kit installation rejected once.  After I submitted the paperwork, I received a call from the electrical sub-code official.  He said the state was no longer accepting the laboratory testing results of the third-party interlock kit.  Consequently, I could not install that particular interlock kit as it would never pass inspection. I contacted the manufacturer, and it was confirmed that my state was the only one that was no longer accepting the laboratory testing results from this one particular testing laboratory.  The testing laboratory had stopped doing electrical testing, but their previous...