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The Backside of a Residential Telephone Jack

Telephone Jack Wiring Color Code

Dear Mr. Electrician.  What is the telephone jack wire color code for my house?  I want to replace all of the old telephone jacks, but am confused by the tip and ring color code.  The new telephone jacks have red, green, yellow, and black terminals, but the telephone wiring in my walls have eight wires with different color stripes.  How do I connect the new telephone jacks? Answer:  I have put together a residential telephone wire color code chart to help you understand how to connect the existing four pair telephone wiring in your walls to the new telephone jacks.  The four pair wire is capable of having four separate telephone lines at each jack location.  However if you only have one telephone line for your house, you should use the same color pair for each new phone jack that you install.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Amazon.com Telephone Wiring Color Code for a Home Generally speaking the phone company connects the phone lines at their termination block in a certain order.  The blue pair is first, the orange pair is second, the green pair is third, and the brown pair is fourth.  So for one phone line, the blue pair should be the correct line to connect to.  However there may be instances where the phone company found a problem with the blue pair and had to use the orange pair instead.  It is possible that there was a problem with all of the pairs going into you house and the phone company had to split between pairs of wires.  When removing the old telephone jacks, take note of which wires are being used on the old jacks. One pair of wires is used for one telephone line.  The pairs of wires are twisted together to avoid cross talk between telephone lines.  This helps the sound quality.  When looping the bare telephone wire around the terminal screw, loop the wire in the direction that the screw will tighten (Clockwise).  This will cause the loop to close on itself and make a better connection. Tip + Ring - Green Red Black Yellow Pair 1 White with blue stripe Blue Pair 2 White with orange stripe Orange Pair 3 White with green stripe Green Pair 4 White with brown stripe Brown     Amazon Sells Telephone Jacks and Adapters Other wiring diagrams can be found here.