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Wiremold V5703 Support Clip with a toggle bolt through it ready to be pushed into the hole in the ceiling

Wiremold Garage Ceiling Outlet

Dear Mr. Electrician:  How do I install Wiremold garage ceiling outlet using surface metal raceway on the ceiling to power my electric garage door opener?    Answer:  If there is an existing electrical outlet on the wall of the garage, Wiremold can connect to that and extend power up to the ceiling.   A client was selling his house and needed to have an electrical outlet installed for the garage door opener.  I was able to add Wiremold 500 surface metal raceway to an existing wall switch and outlet to bring power to a new ceiling outlet .  Below are some photos of the Wiremold metal surface raceway installation in his garage.  It was to replace an extra long homemade power cord that was tacked to the garage ceiling and wall for the garage door opener.  NOTE: Text links below go to applicable products on Ebay.com. Next to the human entrance door at the rear of this garage there was an existing three gang metal switch box in the wall for 2 switches and one electrical outlet.  One of the switches below was a 3-way for the garage light, the other a single pole for an outside light.  The existing outlet was not GFCI protected. Below is the end result of the same switch and outlet location after installing Wiremold 500 for a ceiling outlet above the garage door opener.  The three gang Wiremold extension box extends less than an inch out beyond the finished wall. A Wiremold V5751-3 three gang extension box was used to attach onto the existing electrical box.  More photos below. ADDING A WIREMOLD GARAGE CEILING OUTLET In the above photo you can see the extra long power cord (Painted same color as ceiling) is tacked across the ceiling to an outlet on the inside front wall of the garage.  That is not an extension cord, but the actual cord wired directly into the garage door opener. The green arrow points to the hole in the steel that the cord is passing through.  This is not safe because the steel could cut into the insulation on the wire and cause a short circuit or an arcing condition. Ebay Sells Wiremold 500 Fittings Click Here It was not a good idea to pass the cord through this steel bracket.  Whoever did this removed the factory installed power cord from the garage door opener and installed their own much longer, homemade power cord. The user installed cord was stapled to the ceiling and down the wall to an outlet at the front of the garage.  The steel could have cut into the cord and created an electrocution hazard.  The electrical outlet was not GFCI or AFCI protected. The existing wiring consisted of a three way switch for the garage light, a single pole switch for an outside light, and the electrical outlet that was not GFCI protected. The LINE screw terminals for the new GFCI outlet were connected to the same wires that supplied power to the old outlet.  The wires from the new Wiremold ceiling outlet got connected to...